To write a novel with a central character suffering from a lack of affect is always high-risk. To do so with prose that rightly pivots between clarity and opacity is a high-wire act that requires real insight and great technique. This reads like mid-period John Banville, but without ever taking its eye off the lived experience of character. A strong and uncompromising first novel.” – The Republic of Consciousness judges

‘A Vivid Glimpse into the Secret Workings of an Unravelling Mind’ – The Contemporary Small Press

‘The Storyteller is a beautifully unique novel that delves into an authentic and disturbing experience of mental illness – 10/10’ –

Dare I even say a The Golden Notebook for the 21st century’ – Paul Fulcher

‘This is an intense coming of age story with sharp observations around mental health issues. If you’re looking for something a bit different this summer then pick up The Storyteller as you won’t be disappointed’ – Jessica Patient